Thursday, March 15, 2012

More about Asanda

At exactly four-thirty that afternoon, Asanda slid into the seat opposite Danny at her favourite coffee bar, Vivant. Despite the fact that he disliked the faux leather sleekness of the place, Danny had already been there for ten minutes. He'd ordered Asanda's favourite latte, and acquired a corner table. This was quite an achievement at Vivant at any time of day, and half an hour before closing it required a great deal of persistence.

As usual when not in school uniform, Asanda had taken great care over her appearance, and Danny was glad he had secured a fairly secluded spot for their conversation. Casual eavesdropping was so much more likely when he was with Asanda. People noticed her, whether they liked it or not. She stood out of the crowd even in track-pants and a hoodie; her startling and ultra modern ensembles were nothing short of mesmerising.

Today it was skin tight emerald jeans, royal blue stilletos and a sequinned tank-top.

"You don't exactly blend in," Danny grumbled half-heartedly.

"Nice greeting, I don't think." She drew her latte towards her, and took a thirsty gulp. "Didn't you notice my new hair?"

"You're always changing your hairstyle."

"Hello. This weave cost me four hundred bucks. Not counting the stylist. Admire, damn you."

Danny grinned. Being Asanda was an expensive business. "You look incredible. But what's new?"

"That's better."

Asanda and Danny's relationship baffled a lot of people. It was probably only the asocial and inscrutable Prawn who had ever gotten close to the truth.

"He understands her when she's being ironic, and doesn't care what she looks like. She isn't interested in a romantic relationship, and provides a totally unique skill-set. It's a match made in heaven."

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