Friday, March 16, 2012

File Transfer

“So there have been four suspicious male deaths linked to the school in past year,” Asanda announced. Small talk satisfactorily concluded; she was never slow to get down to business. “Two ODs, one shooting and a mystery bug.”

“Can we assume it’s that recent?”

“I kind of assumed it was. Why would she delay coming to you?”

“Maybe some new piece of information emerged.”

Asanda shrugged. “Okay, I’ll dig deeper. But you can check these ones out so long. Do you have your net-book?”

Danny pulled the slim volume out of his rucksack, and in three minutes received a blue-tooth transfer from her iPhone. He only hesitated for a moment before creating a new folder. Murder Possibles.

Asanda was still talking. “I included the shooting just in case. Didn’t think she’d have any doubts if that was the one, but you never know. And I wasn’t too fussy about age. We’re not dealing with the most massive pool of suspects.”


“Whatever. Of course, chances are whatever this nutcase is talking about didn’t even make it into the news. So no guarantee my people even know about it.”

“Got the disclaimer loud and clear, A. Thanks anyway. I know it’s not exactly in your sphere.”

 She smiled. “Yeah, got me right out of the mood for pool parties. But I guess it makes a change.”

By mutual consent, they got up and made their way out of the shop. As they came to point at which they would part ways, Asanda paused.

“Danny, be careful will you? This isn’t someone cheating on their girlfriend, or buying exam papers. Those files…they’re for real.”

 He looked at her, and saw that there was genuine concern behind the jade eye-shadow. 

“I’ll be fine, A. It’s probably just some nut-job, as you said.” 

All the same, as they air-kissed and went their separate ways, Danny quickened his pace. He wanted to see what was in the files.   

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