Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Mayhem

So it turns out that despite having more soul in the second year of teaching, I still don't have enough soul to write 300 words a day. Out of the 29 days in Feb, I succeeded in fulfilling my page a day challenge a grand total of 7 times.

Which, for those maths buffs out there, is just under 25%.

Not the greatest score in the world...

But on the other hand I wrote 7 times more this month than any other month. I started with two reasonably promising ideas (or at least I think so).

If you don't succeed?

In the spirit of try try again, I want to pick a new writing challenge for myself in March. A subtext to this whole writing challenge thing is that I'm feeling the burn of marks deadline, term end, reply slips, indemnity forms and so is at times like this that I seriously doubt my vocation as a teacher. And writing has always been the single activity that makes me feel most alive. So my theory is: write more = feel energised = teach better. Alternatively, write a bestseller = retire to a small tropical island and never see another reply slip in my life.

But I think I also need to adjust my goals a bit. And despite wanting to christen March Murder Month, I think that might be overly genre specific (oh but doesn't the alliteration strike a chord??)

Goals for March:
  • learn how to type decent length pieces on my (non-smart) phone in order to make my writing a bit more portable
  • post two 300 word pieces per week (i.e. 8 in the month, but more spread out than last time)
Wish me luck amigos! Do you have writing goals for March Mayhem?

Yours in persistence,

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