About Me


I am Joanna Reynolds, hailing from Cape Town South Africa. And no, if you haven't graduated from high school you can't call me Joanna ;-)

I have been married for just over three years to the most amazing man EVER.

I have two cats called Pascal and Gauss (yes, they're Mathemacats, or Mathecaticians, whichever way you want to look at it!) - they are now a lot bigger than in this picture, but I still think of them as babies!

I am starting my fourth year of full time teaching, after qualifying to teach high school English and Maths at the University of Cape Town. I taught grade 8-12 Maths in my first two years. This year I am teaching grade 8-9 English and grade 8-10 Maths and grade 10 Advanced Programme Maths to a whole pile of amazing teenagers at a pretty amazing high school. I also have a tutor (home/register) class of very dramatic grade 11s. I also manage our school's chess teams.

In my spare time (laughter off stage) I like reading, writing and playing computer games. I also like adopting odd hobbies like sewing or baking for a brief period of time (usually until I get bored of them). I am growing some vegetables at the moment. We shall see.

Mostly I love my job. Occasionally I hate it. I am always in neeed of distractions.

So now you know (more-or-less) who I am. Who are you?


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