Sunday, January 29, 2012

Page a Day

I've got two days till my page a day challenge to myself starts - so I thought I'd pin myself down to some actual rules. I'm a terrible wriggler out of challenges otherwise.


1) I will write at least 300 words per day.

2) I will post the writing (good bad or indifferent) on Daydreaming within 24 hours (internet and job willing) or at least catch up with the posting over the weekend.

3) I will be writing fiction of some kind every day but absolutely doesn't have to be connected to whatever it was I wrote the day before.

4) If the worst comes to the worst and inspiration fails me, a random character sketch will also be acceptable.


By the way, you're welcome to join my challenge if you'd like to. And obviously I'd love to hear about it if you do. Comments ALWAYS welcome - positive or otherwise!

Yours in trepidation...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Refresh Renew Reinvigorate (and Rewrite)

So - for a new take on Reduce Reuse Recycle, I am finally gonna start blogging again... Yay!!

And the first thing I want to tell y'all is that this year my aim is to WRITE. Totally inspired by Ali. And the second year of teaching turns out to be a lot less soul destroying than the first one. So hopefully I'll have some soul to write with this year. February is going to be my "page a day" mission month - so watch this space for some probably rubbish at first but hopefully steady and steadily improving writing efforts!

yours in determination...