Thursday, March 17, 2011

This guy called Will

A few years back I came across this guy called Will. A pretty average guy really, from a pretty average small town family. His dad sold gloves and hats, if I remember correctly. Plenty of money, but not all that much education. Not posh people anyway.

Well in any case, by the time I met Will he'd had a fairly interesting life, with a fair number of divorces, affairs and general angst behind him. Rumours about his sexual orientation abounded, and most people had a strong opinion about him, whether it be positive or negative.

You see, the thing about Will was that he had a knack for writing (and selling) plays. He was prolific, and popular, and totally low brow. His plays were full of dirty jokes and lewd suggestions and blood and guts and drama...

A lot of them are still among the most popular and frequently produced plays in the English language!


  1. Hey, I met him a while ago too: my oldest sister Linda acted a bit part in one of his plays and I was so inspired as a twelve-year-old that I created a set of puppets for the first scene and learnt it off by heart (with different voices) Unfortunately the puppets got eaten by mice eventually but even that was a learning point...use alcolin glue rather than flour when you make papier mache:)

  2. note taken...alcolin glue it is!