Monday, March 14, 2011

My New Mission

oh wow

long time no post!

The last few weeks have left little time for daydreaming and even less for writing about daydreaming. Marking, entering marks, chasing down missed tests, marking again, entering marks again, altering marks, marking again... lots of mental arithmetic anyway!

It made me wonder (again) about why exactly we all end up doing a whole pile of stuff we don't enjoy just in order to do whatever it is we actually wanted to do in the first place. Studying is often (sadly) the prime example. Others include washing up, marking, exercising, driving in traffic etc...

It seems unavoidable - behind, before and in front of any pleasurable or fulfilling task lies a sea of unpleasurable and unfulfilling jobs.

Um, silly question but WHY?

Surely they can't all be necessary???

New mission for me: get rid of all unnecessary, time consuming and soul-draining tasks (without getting fired). Anyone keen to join me?

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