Saturday, January 26, 2013

Writing Space

I pushed open the door and was immediately embraced by an overwhelming superfluity of light. This light wasn't just there to work by – it contained the space in multi-faceted clarity of spirit, spilling from the north and east-facing windowed walls with all-encompassing generosity. After the cool dimness of the corridor, so much brightness was overwhelming, and for a moment I fought my eyes' instinct to close themselves against the brilliance.

After a period of adjustment though, I realised that the light was far from the harsh, uniform light of necessity. Instead, it was made up of shadows and shades, a patchwork quilt of colour exquisitely worked in the delicate lattice work of lead edging in the windows. Diamonds of blue and green interspersed with clear glass repeated their barely perceptible pattern infinitely over the warm wooden floors and up the smooth, unadorned walls. The only exception was in the north-east corner of the room – where a large wooden worktable stood sturdy and simple, unpatterned by diamond light or human handiwork, optimally placed for uninterrupted work. Beside it stood a straight-backed chair, pulled back invitingly, and before I knew it I had taken two eager steps into the room towards it.

Thank you to NaNoWriMo - Facebook for today's writing prompt!