Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lunch at Redberry Farm

On Friday we went strawberry picking at Redberry Farm! It was a marvelous outing, and very reasonably priced at R15 for a small bucket, and R25 for a big bucket.

It was nice and shady in the strawberry tunnels...

Unripe strawberries - the farm utilises crop rotation to make sure there are plenty of ripe ones in all the open rows though - and the beautiful strawberry flowers. But still more exciting is when you strike gold, with some perfectly ripe, juicy fruits.


 Yarhar, don't be stealin' my strawberries matey!

Buckets of strawberry goodness... Have I overloaded my container?

As you can see, the small buckets were quite large enough, but they didn't last long when we got back to the tearoom. There is something magical about still warm, freshly picked berries.

And then, because we weren't already spoiled enough, we had a simply delicious lunch, eaten against the spectacular backdrop of the Outeniqua mountains...

And although there were strawberries with everything (check out the strawberry garnish on my chips!), my favourite was still the jam-packed fresh strawberry milkshake.


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    1. Fortunately not - actually most of the strawberries were finished before we left!