Saturday, July 28, 2012

Baby Gardens

I've been wanting to start growing herbs and vegetables for a while now. In fact, I even started a small herb garden a few years back, but I didn't look after it properly, so it died... Then the other day I inherited some small wooden boxes that my dad made for my sister's play (long story), and I thought:

"What perfect containers for mini gardens"

Second thoughts said:

"No money. No time. The plants will probably die anyway."

Third thoughts said:

"We should all grow vegetables to become eco/sustainable and also healthier...and I have to start somewhere. And besides I WANT to."

Happily, first and third thoughts ganged together to beat second thoughts into submission. So here is the story of my baby gardens.

I went to the garden shop with my mom - who is also en route to a herb/veggie garden. 

The boxes needed a teeny bit of adjustment to be perfect...Thanks husband and best man (and still special friend)!

 Box one - swiss chard (two types), wild rocket, lemon thyme, broccoli, origanum.

Second box: peppermint and garden mint (yes, I love mint!)

Two beautiful baby gardens by our front door. Can't wait to visit them tomorrow morning!

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