Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daydreaming in Maths

I feel like a fraud.

Actually, I just feel like the same grade 9 girl who swore never EVER to study Maths for a single second longer than she absolutely had to.

Or maybe like the grade 12 girl who wrote sonnets, sestinas and villanelles in Maths lessons. In between absentmindedly creating calculus doodles.

Or like the university student who liked to sit next to the window during Maths lectures, watching the human traffic go by on Jammie plaza and mulling over one of John Donne's more obscure puns.

So this isn't a blog about Maths (despite the fact that I'm a Maths teacher, *gasp*). Nor is it a blog about English.

It's a blog about daydreaming.


  1. Daydreaming is essential to our survival. It is also vital in both Mathematics and English. If it were not for daydreaming many great thinks may never have been imagined.

    I myself daydream constantly, I would go mad if I did not.

  2. daydreaming is a fundamental state, from which one occasionally emerges to do the things required of one by external circumstances